Black Belt Promotions

CONGRATULATIONS to our recently promoted Black Belts on September 1, 2012 at Rialto Kokoro Dojo.

Their perseverance, committment, and discipline has brought each one of them through a journey of self-discovery, thus equipping them to be a river of flowing knowledge and passion.


Alec Valentino, Junior Black Belt (Commerce Kokoro Dojo)

Anthony Morales, Junior Black Belt (Commerce Kokoro Dojo)

Kristian Trillo, Junior Black Belt (Montebello Kokoro Dojo)

Justin Hernandez, Juniort Black Belt (Montebello Kokoro Dojo)

Manuel Prieto, !st Degree Black Belt (Commerce Kokoro Dojo)


These instructors are now asssigned to assist or lead Nippon Kenpo classes where needed!

Note: Junior Black belts will be registered in Japan at 16 years of age. When this time comes, they will then be recognized internationally as 1st Degree Black Belts.