What is Nippon Kenpo?

Kenpo is a MARTIAL ART – A fighting system based on techniques of striking, kicking, throwing, reverse holds and ground combat. Unlike other martial arts, Kenpo is practiced with protective gear. Kenpo is a full-force sport, consequently a reality.


History of Kenpo

The origin of Kenpo may be traced back to Nomin-Sukune and Toma-no Kerihaya, legendary founder of the Sumo style wrestling. It was not until 1932 that the Nippon Kenpo was founded in Osaka, Japan by Master Muneomi Sawayama. Master Sawayama was one of the Kenwa Mabunis Shito-Ryu students. He studied various other martial arts during his college days but none of them seemed what he was looking for. After, much study he felt convinced of the need to enlarge the scope of the arts beyond just KATA (form) and he established his own school – Nippon Kenpo. Nippon Kenpo was brought to the United States in 1960 by Master Goki Kinuya.

Philosophy of Kenpo

Kenpo is aimed at the development of the mind and body, a strong character of self confidence. Throughout the study of self defenses techniques, the student of Nippon Kenpo comes to appreciate and understand the mental and physical aspects of the art and the harmonious relationship between them. It is through the study of this martial art that one realizes the weakness yet the magnificent strength of the human spirit and one learns respect for the human body and mind.