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We are sorry to report this, since enrollment has been very low for many months, our nonprofit, EBAM, Inc. has been forced to close the services there. We started the program there almost 7 years ago and have worked hard at building a consistent following. Unfortunately, the community response has not responded in greater numbers, Best of everything to each of you!

The February tournament has been cancelled due to volunteer and referee availability...we are sorry to report this since our goal has been to host 2 tournaments per year under our EBAM, Inc. nonprofit (Educating Bodies And Minds)

Sincerely, Sensei Nunez

NOVEMBER 2016: All EBAM/Kokoro Dojo's will begin to have mini-tournaments each week from now until the February 25, 2017 Tournament.
Attendance and school grades will qualify or disqualify you in participating at any coompetiton tournament.

JUNE 2016: Belt Rank Exams will begin on the first week of June at each dojo. You are not qualified for belt rank testing if you have been absent more than 3 days during the test period quarter.
If you arrive late or leave early on exam day, you are disqualified.
Each student must pass with an 80% of four parts; Verbal, Fundamentals, Kata's, And Kumite (sparring).

Good Luck!

MAY 2016
Begin to prepare for belt rank promotions on the first week of June at each respective dojo.
Commerce, N. Montebello, S. Montebello, Rialto and Huntington Park Kokoro Dojo's.
Follow the Belt Rank Guidelines in your Philosophy Training Manual.

MARCH 2016

Our Next competition tournament is scheduled for August 6, 2016 at Veteran's Memorial Park.
Mark you calendars and continue to train to improve your skills.

Congratulations to all who competed..Otsu-garasama! Job Well Done!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS...upcoming competition tournament.
Saturday February 27, 2016 at Veteran's Memorial Park, Commerce 90040
Competitors, Referee's, Score & Time-keepers and Volunteers are needed. Community service hours are available.

October 17, 2015 City of Montebello Parade. ALL Kokoro Dojo's will participate. See information in the News & Events section of this page!!
See you there!

Stay the Course:

1. Have a pu

rpose worth living for. All you need is one reason why it should be done. Too many find thousands of reasons why they cannot do it.
2. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Playing to your strengths rekindles your passions and renews your energy.
3. Prioritize your responsibilities. Once you know the "why" of your life, it becomes easy to figure out the "what" and "when."
4. Learn to say no. If you try to do everything that comes your way, you won't excel at what you were made to do.
5. Commit yourself to log-term achievement. You attain these daily in small incremental wins sustained over time.

By John Maxwell, "Leadership Promises for Everyday"

Our upcoming competiton tournament is fast approaching! Good luck to each of you!
Approved protective equipment only. Please check with your Instructor's if you are not sure. Shin/instep guards and martial arts shoes are permitted for this competition.
JULY 2015
It's summer tournament season! Hope you're all geared up and ready for some great action. Food and snacks will also be available. Sign-ups will begin shortly. Please ask your Senseis for registration information.
Attention Volunteers
You will receive information regarding our Volunteer Training schedules in order to prepare for the upcoming August 29th Tournament. Please ask your local Dojo if your are interested in becoming involved for this or future events. You may call EBAM, Inc. office at: 626-632-2059.
All Japan Championship Tournament 
Osaka, Japan Date: September 20, 2015. Kokoro Dojo's will be sending students from Rialto Kokoro Dojo
All USA Team competitor's shall attend all training sessions, compete in EBAM, Inc./Commerce Nippon Kenpo tournament on August 29, 2015, have a valid passport, have notarized "letter of permission to travel" and attend team meetings. A competitor will be dropped from team if these requirements are not followed.
Please join us in kicking off our 2015 tournament season. There will be food, snacks, and plenty of action!
And if you would like to be a part of the action make sure to sign up as soon as possible. A limited amount of Scholarships for the tournament fee are also available to qualified individuals (application is required).
Hope to see you all there!!!

How Do I Maintain a Teachable Attitude?: Know the Following Truth's
1. Nothing is interesting if you are not interested.
2. Successful people view learning differently from those who are unsuccessful.
3. Learning is meant to be a lifelong pursuit.
4. Pride is the number one hindrance to teachability.
5. Learn to listen.
6. Understand the learning process.
7. Look for and plan teachable moments.
8. Make your teachable moments count.
9. Ask yourself, "Am I really learning?"
By Dr. John Mawell (Self-Improvement 101)
Self-Improvement Plan: What it takes to improve
1. Growth must be intentional -- nobody improves by accident.
2. Growth is a choice
The following are growth principles: choose a life of growth; start growing today; growth is NOT automatic; growth today will provide a better tomorrow; focus on;self-improvement NOT self-fullment; never stay satisfied with current accomplishments. Be a continual leader; develop a plan for growth...
Weekly Plan Suggested:
Monday: spend 1 hour in a devotion to develop spiritually
Tuesday: spend 1 hour listening to leadership podcast, cd's or audio lessons
Wednesday: spend 1 hour filing quotes; reflect on Tuesday's audio lesson.
Thursday: spend 1 hour reading a book on leadership.
Friday: spend 30 min reading, then 30 min reflecting on past lessons and reading.
More News & Information...
1. 2014 American Nippon Kenpo student membership is available to all students and parents. Only active (enrolled) members may travel to tournaments, demonstrations, parades and receive discounts on equipment purchases. All new participants are asked to enroll and returning students renew as members into ANKF during January 2014. Please fill out application form and pay fee in class.
2. Martial arts equipment available: uniforms, shoes, gloves, liner-gloves, mouth, groin and chest-guards, punching bags, t-shirts, caps, team embroidered jackets & more!! Ask us…
3. Nippon Kenpo Booklet: to get your own, please ask us.  DVD's of Kenpo Fundamentals are also available.
4. Are you experiencing poor or inappropriate behavior with your child? “The Road to Excellence” class is designed to improve/change behavior. Poor habits, laziness, bad language, a negative attitude or poor school performance are not acceptable. Respect, discipline, and mental focus is taught to all Nippon Kenpo students., regardless of age.
5. To go from “Ordinary” to “Extra-Ordinary,” requires, EFFORT, TIME, HELP, REALISM, CHANGE, THINKING, ATTITUDE, and PLANNING. Just a little bit “extra” in each of these areas will take you from ordinary to extra-ordinary.  Do this daily.
 COMMITTMENT: 7 Enemies of Committment
1. A lifestyle of giving up
2. A wrong belief that life should be easy
3. A wrong belief that success is a destination
4. An attitude of negative thinking
5. An acceptance of Other People's Fences
6. An irrational fear of failure
7. A lack of vision
"There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves.
You cannot push anyone up a ;ladder unless he is willing to climb himself."  Andrew Carnegie
"One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it." Sidney Howard 
Reassures us that everything will turn out for the best. Faith means that you maintain an open mind which will prompt you to seek truth. Ultimately, allowing you to recognize it when it presents itself.
Poise: By Coach John Wooden
Most people think of poise as calm, self-assured dignity, but I call it just being you."  When we have poise, we're not acting, faking or pretending. We're not trying to be something we're not, nor are we trying to live up to other's expectations.
Poise greatly depends on confidence & self-control. Confidence come through preparation and enables us to be quietly in control at all times. The discipline of self-control usually produces poise.
We acquire poise by being industrious, by being enthusiastic, by being friendly, by being loyal, by being cooperative, by maintaining self-control, by being alert and alive and constantly observant, by having initiative and not  being afraid to fail while  realizing that we are imperfect and we will fail on occasion, by being intent and determined to reach realistic objectives, by being competitive in whatever we're doing, by being in the best possible condition for whatever we're doing, by being skilled and able to execute not only properly but quickly, and by being imbued with team spirit and consideration for others.

 Qualities of a 360 Degree Leader: you can lead from wherever you are in belt rank 

1. Adaptability- quickly adjusts to change.
2. Discernment- understands the real issues.
3. Perspective- sees beyond their own vantage point.
4. Communication- links to all levels of the organization.
5. Security- finds identity in self, not position.
6. Servant hood- does whatever it takes.
7. Resourcefulness- finds creative ways to make things happen.
8. Maturity- puts the team before self.
9. Endurance- remains consistent in character and competence over the long-haul.
10. Countability- can be counted on when it counts.

Just for Today…
Just for today…I will choose and display the right attitudes.
Just for today…I will determine and act on important priorities.
Just for today…I will know and follow healthy guidelines.
Just for today…I will communicate with and care for my family.
Just for today…I will practice and develop good thinking.
Just for today…I will make and keep proper commitments.
Just for today…I will earn and properly manage finances.
Just for today…I will deepen and live out my faith.
Just for today…I will initiate and invest in solid relationships.
Just for today…I will plan for and model generosity.
Just for today…I will embrace and practice good values.
Just for today…I will seek and experience improvements.
Just for today…I will act on these decisions and practice these disciplines.
Then one day…I will see the compounding results of a day lived well.
Make these decisions today, then, manage them daily. 
                                                                               By Dr. John C. Maxwell
Today Matters; 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success
“Attitude 101” a book by Dr. John C. Maxwell

It is the “advance man” of our true selves.
Its roots are inward but its fruit is outward.
It is our best friend or our worst enemy.
It is more honest and more consistent than our words.
It is an outward look based on past experiences.
It is a thing which draws people to us or repels them.
It is never content until it is expressed.
It is the librarian of our past.
It is the speaker of our present.
It is the prophet of our future.
An attitude is reinforced by a belief—whether it is right or wrong.

Note to parents: Any loud conversations, phone calls, noise from  toddlers, please remove from classroom. Also, prevent small children from running freely in the training area. Safety first!  Parents, if you are returning to pickup your son or daughter, be on time! I will not leave any student alone while they are waiting for a parent. Please be pickup your child on time.
Thank you for your cooperation.

 My Coaching Philosophy Nippon Kenpo

Friends, students and parents, please consider my philosophy of coaching which I have learned from the legendary basketball coach of UCLA, Coach John Wooden. He is a man who has God based principles, and lives according to them. I do believe and use Coach Wooden’s philosophy following God’s principles and man’s principles, and always aware not to break either of the two.

To the students of Nippon Kenpo, know that you must discipline yourself to do what is expected of you for the welfare of the entire Nippon Kenpo team. I have many decisions to make and you will not agree with all of them, but you must respect and accept them. Without supervision and leadership and a disciplined effort by all, much of our united strength will be lost and grow weak. Let us not be victimized by a breakdown from within.

You may feel at times, that I have double standards, as I certainly will not treat you all the same. However, I will attempt to give each player the treatment that he/she earns and deserves according to my judgment and in keeping with what I consider to be in the best interest of the entire Nippon Kenpo team. I know I will not be right in all my decisions, but I will attempt to be both right and fair.

To parents and friends, your positive support is essential to the strengthening of each player, therefore benefiting the entire team.

Lastly, I ask that parents keep toddlers from roaming freely in the classroom. This will help me to have one less safety hazard to watch over. In doing this, our strength will grow in unity as we all make an effort towards practicing safety.

Each and every one of you is needed to achieve the success of our players. Your suggestions and concerns are always a priority for me to hear. Please call my cell phone, email, or talk with me before or after each class. Thank you for your cooperation.


Sensei / Coach, Manuel R. Nuñez

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