Sensei Manuel R. Nuñez

Sensei Nuñez



Welcome students, parents and friends...

to the studies of discipline, philosophy and tradition of Nippon Kenpo Martial Arts. As the Karate Instructor/Coach, I want you to know about me as a martial artist, instructor, husband, father, grand-father, my morals and values.. In 1953, I was born into a family of four, graduated from Garfield High School, East Los Angeles College, and Ashford University with a B.A. degree in Psychology. My background is in Addictions Treatment (Chemical Dependency Counselor).


I have trained in Nippon Kenpo since 1989 under Master Jose G. Guerrero, Dr. Xavier Mendoza, Master Lee Cleveland, and Master Sam Takeda.

The Japan Nippon Kenpo Federation and the American Nippon Kenpo Federation registered, and certified me, a Black Belt, 4th Degree. I have competed in many open style Karate tournaments and Nippon Kenpo tournaments in Texas, Mexico, Japan and throughout the Los Angeles area along with studies in other martial arts.

My involvement in the ANKF leadership brings me hope that many will pursue their goals and also influence others into leadership positions. My Nippon Kenpo experiences have introduced me to many new friends, locally, nationally and internationally.

Vicky, my wife, and I, are blessed with four children (two daughters, two sons), and nine grand-children. Nippon Kenpo is a big part of my family since my two sons are certified black belts in Nippon Kenpo and some of my grand-children are also learning and experiencing the art. My passion is in teaching others that they too can reach their goals with perseverance, belief and a consistent work/study habit.

Nippon Kenpo has given me the opportunity and responsibility to serve people of many cultures. My goal is to equip any student to be a future instructor, leader, achiever, and believer in their life purpose. My prayer is that my influence and leadership be of care, honesty, strong character, faith, and a humble heart toward all students and parents of American Nippon Kenpo Federation (A.N.K.F.) martial arts/Karate programs. 

Friends, students and parents, please consider my philosophy of coaching which from the legendary basketball coach of UCLA, Coach John Wooden. He is a man who has God based principles, and lives according to them.  I firmly believe and pass on Coach Wooden’s philosophy following God’s principles and man’s principles, and always aware not to break either of the two.

To the students of Nippon Kenpo, know that you must discipline yourself to do what is expected of you for the welfare of the entire Nippon Kenpo team. I have many decisions to make and you will not agree with all of them, but you must respect and accept them. Without supervision and leadership and a disciplined effort by all, much of our united strength will be lost and grow weak. Let us not be victimized by a breakdown from within.  You may feel at times, that I have double standards, as I certainly will not treat you all the same. However, I will attempt to give each player the treatment that he/she earns and deserves according to my judgment and in keeping with what I consider to be in the best interest of the entire Nippon Kenpo team. I know I will not be right in all my decisions, but I will attempt to be both right and fair.

Sensei / Coach,

Manuel R. Nuñez